Our Performers

Judy Clark
Judy Clark

Judy is a founding member of WNY Improv.  She loves the camaraderie and support for creative exploration from her fellow members.

Ted Winkle
Ted Winkle

Ted is a founding member of WNY Improv.  He loves  challenging himself and making people laugh.  In real life Ted is a retired veterinarian who now plays with his fellow actors instead of puppies and kittens.

Amy and willow -16

Amy Hoffman

Amy has been a member of WNY Improv since 2016.  She loves performing alongside her talented cast mates whether she’s a saucy chef or part of a low-rate circus act- there are no limits to the crazy & creative fun this group provides!  In real life, Amy manages an electrical contracting company and volunteers with her therapy dog Willow!

Connie Stofko 2020 head&shoulders
Connie Oswald Stofko

Connie is a founding member of WNY Improv.  She loves the creativity, freedom and all-around fun that Improv provides.  In real life, she publishes Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com, the online gardening magazine for Western New York.

Justin Chortie
Justin Chortie

Justin has been a member of WNY Improv since 2015.  He loves performing comedy with his friends.  In real life, Justin spends most of his time getting bit by his cat.

Mike Kowal 716 909 1784
Mike Kowal

Mike is a founding member of WNY Improv.  He has over 10 years experience in Improv and has performed in many theatre productions around Western New York, including several of our mystery dinner theater shows.  In real life, he spends his time creating full size sculptures out of toenail clippings and laundry lint.

Bob Bozek-7164794946
Bob Bozek

Bob has been a member of WNY Improv since 2019 and loves sock puppets and pizza flavored goldfish.  In real life Bob is an IT person (that’s computers…then again he is pretty trendy!)


Rich Lamb

Rich is a lifelong comedy fan and always wanted to be a game show host after he spoke to Bob Barker on the phone when he was 5 years old. In real life, Rich is a corporate trainer and has a passion for finding the world’s best chicken wings. He has performed improv, stand up, taught comedy performance classes and wrote jokes for the ventriloquist Otto Petersen.


Dallas Taylor

Dallas is a Buffalo native and has been a member of WNY Improv since 2019. He loves the opportunity to say whatever to make someone laugh. In real life, he serves as the Artistic Director of Inclusive Theater of WNY. He is also a youth coach-mentor for Algonquin Sports for Kids where he coaches tennis and soccer to underserved youth in the community.

WNY Improv Alumni

Gisèle Clements

Gisèle was a member of WNY Improv between 2019-2020.  In real life, Gisèle is an alumni of Buffalo ComedySportz and does simulation acting for med students.  Gisèle is very missed as she has re-migrated back to Canada to sing the wild song of the native Goose. (Her husband got a new job so she moved back up north, despite our pleas to stay in Buffalo!)

Danny Valentin
Danny Valentin

Danny was a member of WNY Improv from 2018-2022.  In real life, Danny is a Mental Health Counselor for kids and also does standup comedy.  He recently moved on to greener pastures in the big city of Chicago!  Go Bills.