The Great Train Robbery

Welcome and thank you for joining us as we prepare for the forthcoming nuptials of

Mr. Cornelius Underbelt and Ms. Abigail Von Tryte.

Although the Underbelt family are regrettably unable to attend this joyous occasion, Mr. & Mrs. Baron Von Tryte are delighted that you are along on this journey to witness the union of their daughter (and only child) Abigail to their longstanding neighbor and friend Mr. Cornelius Underbelt. In accordance to proper wedding tradition, we would like to introduce you to some of our esteemed guests.

Cornelius Underbelt

The fetching groom. Mr. Underbelt is no stranger to the Von Tryte family as he was born and raised on neighboring lands. His father, a fervent competitor in the oil industry, is away on a conveniently planned business trip and unable to attend the much anticipated wedding.

Josephina, Baron & Abigail Von Tryte

Purveyors of success, the Von Tryte family are well known in town for their notable wealth and the handsome dowry placed upon the marriage of their only child, Abigail. Although they had always hoped for a biological male heir, the Von Tryte family are happy to welcome Mr. Underbelt in to their family.

Father Michael Saint Pope

Despite being unable to attend the ceremony, the Underbelt family did wish to contribute to the wedding by arranging for their family priest, and good friend, father Michael to officiate the nuptials.

Also joining today’s wedding procession is the Von Tryte family groundskeeper and attendant to all guest needs, Jeremiah.
Watch this video for more background on our wedding guests.